Achievement Unlocked: Publication!

One of my big goals for 2013 was to pursue publication of one of my jewelry pieces in a book. However, when it became evident that I’d be making an international move and would be dealing with all of the stress that entails, I put that goal aside for another, less hectic year. So imagine my surprise when it ended up it happening anyway! If all fairs well, I’m pleased to announce that Protection (aka ‘The Horn Ring’) and Waking the Wolf will be in the upcoming book On Body and Soul: Contemporary Armor to... Read The Rest →

Another Passion

Occasionally I manage to sit still for more than the minute or two that is required for a Facebook post and write something a little more in depth.  I haven’t been doing that as frequently as I’d like, so I’ve recently teamed up with Rasmus Rasmussen at Another Passion to motivate myself to write on a more regular basis.  Nothing inspires me quite like being part of a larger, inspirational project and having a clear deadline to strive for each month! You can read my current collection of articles here:... Read The Rest →